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12 September 1957
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Born in Washington, DC, 1957. Resided abroad for many years in Jordan, Mali, Uganda, Greece, Mauritius and Zimbabwe.

ART STATEMENT: Chris Keeley, Washington, D.C.

Keeley's photographs, which deal with the many facets of obsession, speak to the internal search many individuals undergo during the lifelong quest for meaning and self-awareness.

Capturing pain, longing, torment, despair, hope, and love within the faces and forms of his images, Keeley draws on his own inner obsessive quest for knowledge as inspiration. His images are unsympathetic, and communicate the inner emotional trauma of the homeless, the addicted, and of the lonely, as well as pride and the strength of human bonding experienced by addicts in recovery.

By revealing the essence of his subjects, the works magnify with often unsettling clarity the pain of discovery, joy of friendships born of pain, or turmoil of new journeys that resound within each person. Through these poignant images he challenges the viewer to look within one's own heart, to question, affirm, accept, or reject, leaving one with valuable insights into our own places in humanity.

  • Paradise Life

  • I wanted to get the message out that any addict could get clean, stop using drugs and find a new way to live.

    My personal life experience can be a living example to help educate the public that addiction is a humanistic

    disease from which the addict and family members suffer no matter what supportive opportunities are given. The

    disease of addiction is completely profound in the aspect that help can only be obtained through a miraculous

    process of Recovery otherwise known as Grace. I share about the horrors of my life and how wonderful my

    life has become today. In the spirit of recovery my contribution is exemplified by the selfless effort of helping

    other addicts find and achieve recovery. Today my goal is to help others unconditionally and to be a part of the

    solution rather than the problem. My understanding is my contribution will help alleviate the pain and suffering

    of addicts and those close to addicts by being exposed to this work of art. My motive was to bring to light the

    love and truth about the feelings of an addict who has found joy, happiness and freedom. This is the recovery

    revolution that is going on right now.

    - Chris Keeley

    Copyright 2007
    by Christopher Keeley


    Paperback ISBN: 1-4257-3634-3

    Paperback ISBN 13: 978-1-4257-3634-7

    Picture Book - Softcover $48.99

    Hardback ISBN: 1-4257-5080-X

  • Hardback ISBN 13: 978-1-4257-5080-0
    Picture Book - Hardcover $58.99

  • Library of Congress Number: 2007900278

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