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Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 8:12 AM,

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Just within the "family", so to speak: 

I agree completely with the basic argument that Ray McGovern makes.  Not one of these seven men, in my opinion, had any practical experience in the field that would qualify him to make a judgment as to whether torturing prisoners was an effective way to obtain reliable intelligence. None of them ever attempted to persuade a person of different culture and religion to betray his traditional value system and risk his life for America (the "humint" factor that everyone agrees is the golden key of intelligence collection).  All of them are gutless members of a little self-protection society.  I devoutly hope that some or all of them are indicted.  The culture they represent and support must be thoroughly discredited and convincingly repudiated, or we will never have a truly effective, reliable and trustworthy intelligence service --- something our country needs very badly indeed.

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good talking with you, Ray

CIA Torturers Running Scared

Ray McGovern, Sept. 21, 2009





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