Addict (drugaddict) wrote,


Sanne Sannes... Untitled (1962-65, vintage silver print, Signed on verso). From the exhibition Sanne Sannes: Erotica at Laurence Miller Gallery. "...twenty rare vintage prints by the late Dutch artist Sanne Sannes. This will be the first one-person exhibition of his work in the United States. Sanne Sannes was born in 1937 in The Netherlands. His brief career, ending abruptly when he died in a motorcycle accident at age 30, focused on his taste for the erotic and a fascination with women. His voyeuristic style reflects the morals and atmosphere of the sixties, which provided an inspiration for his models as well as himself." Also... Vintage 60s Erotica - photographs by Sanne Sannes at Lens Culture and... additional works by Sanne Sannes at Kahmann Gallery in Amsterdam.
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