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Paul M - Uganda

Paul M. Uganda-
Unfortunately, I was a little young to try the local Bhangi, but when we were in South Africa, we became veritable experts on African weed.
I much preferred the best stuff like swazi white, malawi kobs, Durban Poisons, the occasional bit of Congo Black that we used to source, to any of the button pipes that became so popular and fucked up so many of my friends.
Here in the UK, the best stuff around is hydroponically grown hybrid seedless varieties, commonly known as skunk weed.Very powerful, do the guys in the US have this?
I smoke very little these days, does'nt lend itself well to operating efficiently selling in the IT Industry, but I always have a little somewhere, whenever I'm stressed and want to wander around in circles and stare into the fridge for a while, it's just the ticket!
You're welcome to post my stuff on your site and I will write some more when I have  a little time.
South Africa was a very different place, we ignored the apardheid laws and frequented the townships a lot, some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen, Cape Malays, were my girlfriends. I'll write a bit about running with the Cape Flats gangs at some stage, we used to buy our weed from them and sell to all our white friends.
When I was 16 we were making about 2 grand a week selling weed. got busted numerous times, but only ever got done once, before I was 18, so they treated me as a juvenile and I had the pleasure of a caning, stripped naked, lying on a bench, by the biggest, thickest motherfucker Afrikaner cop you've ever seen.
Obviously when he was growing up most of his resources went into building his body, with little left for developig his grey matter! He did'nt half hit hard though, probably a little incensed by my attitude towards him
The joys of a cosmopolitan upbringing!
Best Regards
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