Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Paul M. - Uganda

I don't know if I ever met you, but I'm pretty sure my old man knew yours, if they were around at the same time in Uganda.
Obote was made president in 1961, the year I was born in Kampala, spent 13 years there.
My father was an Overseas Civil Servant, did safari's, saw the pigmies, Gorillas. had a pet chimp, pet Servals, etc.
Went to boarding school in the UK, parents got thrown out of Uganda, went to SA, grew up there for 10 years.
Found you because I looked up Wellconal in SA, I had a few friends that went that way, others that went down the white pipe route, all gone now.
I'm impressed with your writings, the catskills remind me of Africa in some way.
I don't really expect a reply as you're probably pretty busy  and you get loads of crap via email, but just wanterd to say that I was right there with your descriptions, I truly understood where you were.
I'll buy your book, this is from someone that steals everything on the net, but you're worthy of respect.
May you go in peace.
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