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Comment: The children of Gaza have been severely traumatized, as belatedly reported in these two articles. The political and military leaderships of Israel and a majority of Israelis apparently do not understand the simplest fundamentals of human psychology. They think these traumatized people will blame Hamas for what has happened to them, not Israel and Israelis. Or that they will be so impressed by Israel's power and capacity to harm that they will become passive and harmless. Most of these children--for the next forty to fifty years--no matter what else happens to them-will never forget this experience and will be suffused with hatred of Israel and Israelis. Israel and Israelis need to adopt policies and behaviors that will make them acceptable neighbors to their neighbors in the region, not pariahs. When will they realize that?

 For Children of Gaza, Scars to Last a Lifetime

 By Griff Witte

 GAZA CITY, Jan. 25 -- One by one, the seventh-graders rose from their old wooden desks and, in toneless voices that betrayed neither sadness nor surprise, spoke of horrible things.

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 At a Flash Point in Gaza, A Family's Deadly Ordeal

 By Jonathan Finer

 ZAYTOUN, Gaza Strip -- Just before dawn on Jan. 4, a sledgehammer crashed through the living-room wall of the home of Almaz al-Samuni in this southern enclave of Gaza City, pounding a hole wide enough for someone to poke a rifle through while shouting in a language she didn't understand.

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