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Date: Mon, Jan 5, 2009 at 3:49 PM
Subject: Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,


Eighty percent of the Gaza Strip's 1.5 million residents are refugees or their descendents, driven from their Palestinian homes by the creation of Israel in 1948, or during the 1967 Arab-Israeli Six-Day War.

After Israeli settlements vacated Gaza, Palestine in 2005, Israel essentially sealed the borders. Crops raised for international markets rotted in place and Israel maintained total control over the land, sea and air. Periodically, Israel prevents all food, fuel, and medicine from entering, and Israeli F-16s and ships fire on the population at will.  Hundreds have died from these measures. According to international law, Israel still occupies Gaza and therefore maintains sovereignty.  Many compare Gaza's open air prison to the Warsaw Ghetto which preceded the attempted extermination of the Jewish people, a.k.a. the Holocaust.   

Hamas offers resistance to Israeli aggression, strangulation and expansion by firing unguided, homemade rockets into Southern Israel which rarely kill or injure, but terrify. (Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto also violently resisted.) In the months leading up to the present assault, (which has now killed nearly 600 Palestinians and wounded thousands) the United Nations was frequently prohibited from delivering food, fuel and medicines to Gaza. As the occupier, Israel is legally bound to care for and safeguard the population.  Instead, under Israeli Occupation, hunger, starvation, disease and lethal assault by land, sea and air are the norm.  Gaza residents believe resistance is their only hope. But, the only real hope for both Israel and Palestine is to end the violence by ending the Occupation.


Genevieve Cora Fraser

Orange, MA


(Editor's note:  You may contact me at or by calling 978-544-1872)

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