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How Not to Make Peace in the Middle East - The N Y Review of Books
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In the process of reviewing three very important current books on the Israel-Palestine peace process, Robert Malley (International Crisis Group) and Hussein Agha (Oxford University), both primary experts on the subject, have given us a hard-hitting and in many respects shocking summary of the recent history of efforts to reach a negotiated settlement of that tragic problem, along with a concise and  highly insightful set of suggestions for future action.  The three books that they review are by Aaron David Miller, Daniel Kurtzer/Scott Lasensky (jointly), and Martin Indyk ---  all prominently involved in Mideast Paece negotiations for Bill Clinton and George W .Bush.

Rob Malley and his co-author are remarkably candid in describing the mistakes made in the past by U.S. policymakers (including the authors whose works they are reviewing), while they are also brutally frank in their analysis of the many mistakes made by both Israeli leaders and their Palestinian adversaries. Their concise and clearly-written article in the New York Review of Books is a very valuable addition to available analysis of this red-hot issue.


Click Here: Check out "How Not to Make Peace in the Middle East - The New York Review of Books"
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