Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Benjamin Jones: Sins and Virtues

Benjamin Jones: Sins and Virtues

Burning Your Friend Benjamin Jones... Burning Your Friend (2008, graphite, colored pencil and collage element on paper). From the exhibition Benjamin Jones: Sins and Virtues at Barbara Archer Gallery in Atlanta, GA. "...Benjamin Jones creates haunting images that reveal a distinct visual language. Subjects include current events and icons of popular culture; however, his most consistent subject is himself. Inhabiting an intriguingly indefinable space, each of these poignant self-portraits reveals the artist's innermost feelings and insecurities. Mixing whimsy with horror, humor with malevolence, Jones' forms become vehicles for messages about the struggle of life and all its paradoxes. These seductive and intimate drawings, paradoxical in themselves, create a tension between the purity of their intuition and the refinement of their presentation."
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