Addict (drugaddict) wrote,


will have some paintings in the Gen Art Vanguard New Contemporary
Art Fair from Dec 4-7, 2008, part of Art Basel Miami, FLA.

I am represented this year by both Mark Murphy Design of San Diego, CA ("The Song of the Firefly") and
Thinkspace Gallery of Los Angeles, CA ("The Caged Wonder" and "French Bubble Gum Encore").
Read about it here and follow the links:
Also, Thinkspace Gallery kindly blogged the details of my upcoming show (Feb 13, 2009)
along with studio photos of my work in progress. Boingboing picked up the post.
(follow the link to read all about it! Yes, vintage ukes! Yes, hokum music!)
Sadie online magazine will have a new interview w/me about my art -  Dec 8, 2008. Look for that.
And "Inked" magazine will publish a feature/interview about my L.A. show in the Feb. 2009 issue.
Let's see....I am still working hard. 
Best wishes to you-
(read my blog to keep up with what I'm doing!)
P.S. The sale on my site is extended until Dec 10.
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