Addict (drugaddict) wrote,



To love without the limits of the heart
To love unconditionally from the start
To place all as one, in what we give
To pace the sun's dawn and dusk in how we live
To know the intuition of the moon in her illuminating light
To glow in fruition of each rune in the day and the night
To shine bright with delight in the joy and serenity of trinity
To sign what is right in our ploy, all truth as one, the skeleton key to be free
To share what is within there, beyond our beautiful stare, and any glare
To bear the thought to care and to beware of all which lovely and fair
To love all as one and love one as all, to love even that which is rare
The tear of the fabric we have woven beyond the lair in our loving dare
To live and love beyond the veil of what we know, and to continually share
How much we grow, this is the seed, we plant, reap and sow in this co-creative glow of what we bestow and what we show, all of our collective conscious dealings, feelings, thoughts and wheelings in tow, all the beautiful things we can blow, like a bubble, thoughts in stow, how many we tie in knots like a bow, even how many times we learn lessons in a row, we bask in this beautiful sight, by day or night in the flow of love and light's glow.
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