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letter to obama

Russell Banks, Francine Prose, Mark Kurlansky and I (Chris Hedges) are collecting signatures (and 50 dollars) to put this ad in The New York Review of Books and The Nation calling on Obama not to expand the war in Afghanistan .  Would this be something you would want to sign and support?  Chris
This is the letter:

Dear President-elect Obama,
We congratulate you and wish you the very best of fortune in your great undertaking. As writers, we admire your eloquence and your engagement with ideas. But we are worried because a new beginning will not be possible as long as we continue to spill the blood of the men, women, and children of Afghanistan . The Taliban is not a threat to the United States nor are the people of Afghanistan . There is no victory for those who attempt to occupy Afghanistan , as the Soviets and the British discovered. There will be no progress at home while such an all-consuming war is being waged. If we stay, the situation will get worse, not better, and the toll in American lives and American prestige, as well as the damage to our standing in the Middle East and to the American budget will be staggering and tragic. Wartime presidents accomplish little else. We urge you to negotiate with the Taliban, withdraw all troops from Afghanistan , and begin the moral and physical rebuilding of Afghanistan , as well as that of the United States .

If we don't make the deadline it gets changed to  President Obama
Still needs a headline
We are asking for a minimum of $50 payable to  Summit Study and mailed to:
Summit Study/ 262 Moore St / Princeton , N.J. 08540
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