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Saul Bass

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Saul Bass logos

Saul Bass logos

Saul Bass logos

Most people know Saul Bass by his unique movie posters and opening movie credit design. He forged a new way of thinking about the design and elements relating to film and forever changed the designers role in the industry.

However, Bass also worked as an identity designer creating some of the strongest and most important brands, most of which are still in use today. Listed above are:

1. Bell, 1969
2. AT&T, 1984
3. United Airlines, 1973
4. Avery International
5. Continental Airlines, 1968
6. United Way, 1972
7. Minolta, 1978
8. Girl Scouts, 1978
9. Quaker Oats, 1971
10. Kleenex
11. Exxon, 1981*
12. Warner Communications, 1972

I tried to track down the years these were designed, but a couple were a bit elusive. If anyone knows when the Avery and Kleenex logos were created feel free to drop a comment.

* Bass revised this logo on 1981, which was originally designed by Raymond Loewy in 1966


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