Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Camille Rose Garcia: Ambien Somnambulants

Camille Rose Garcia: Ambien Somnambulants

Little Purple Pill Popper Camille Rose Garcia... Little Purple Pill Popper (Acrylic, Silver Leaf and Glitter on Wood Panel). From the exhibition Camille Rose Garcia: Ambien Somnambulants at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York. "...In Ambien Somnambulants, tragic sleepwalkers wander along beautifully bleak post-apocalyptic dreamscapes, inspiring dissent from a dire dystopia. Garcia’s stunningly subversive images expand upon her signature style of elaborate socio-political narratives, hidden beneath layers of fairy-tale charm. The artist creates human and animal characters, influenced by a vintage animation aesthetic, which aid in her epic visual storytelling, rendered in a palette of psychedelic color, glitter, and glazed-over collaged wallpaper. Her use of bright color serves as a visual distraction from painful realities, while her use of silver leaf as a decorative element, references an age of abundance and opulence, slightly tarnished to represent the twilight years of our civilization."
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