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Each fall the MUSEUM OF MODERN ART mounts a “NEW PHOTOGRAPHY” exhibition to showcase recent work. This year’s show, which opens Wednesday, features the work of the Josephine Meckseper, a German photographer who explores how the news media mix political news with advertising content, and Mikhael Subotzky, a South African, whose series “Beaufort West” (2006-8) portrays a small desert town, between Johannesburg and Cape Town, destroyed by crime, poverty and the history of apartheid.

Ms. Meckseper’s installation includes a selection from her 2006 “Blow-Up” series, with life-size photographs of models dressed in vintage lingerie from the 1950s. Also included is “Quelle International” (2008), which features reflective, wallpaper-size reprints from a mail-order catalog popular in Germany in the 1970s.

Mr. Subotzky’s Beaufort West photographs — inspired by the jail in the center of the town — captures inmates, families and passers-by. Through Jan. 5, (212) 708-9400,

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