Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Noam Chomsky on Nasrallah

The following item relays an eminently sensible comment by Noam Chomsky as to why Hamas and Hizbullah were and remain so successful.
QUOTED EXCERPT:   The outstanding Lebanese journalist Rami Khouri, writing in the
major English language Lebanese newspaper, captured the basic point
rather well: "Hamas and Hizbullah are among the most effective and
legitimate political movements in the Arab world: They have forced
unilateral Israeli retreats that no Arab army could induce; won
elections democratically without resorting to the gerrymandering or
ballot box stuffing that most American-supported Arab regimes live
by; provided efficient service delivery and local governance to
their constituents; and sustained resistance to Israeli occupation
that appeals to the desire of ordinary Arabs to restore dignity to
their battered lives and to their shattered, hollow political
systems."   END QUOTE
Regards,  John
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