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Troullaki Sunset

On our way to Herronessos, we came upon Troullaki, a tiny rural community where there is a taverna. Tarah’s favorite restaurant on Sifnos Island. (Cyclades). The Sunset Taverna-Troullaki in Sifnos, Greece is an authentic culinary experience NOT to be missed. Owner, Ioannis Atsonios, and family have created a warm, intimate sanctuary that highlights the magic of Sifnos. As a 24+ year frequenter of this island I have had the privilege of watching the owners children/wait staff grow up over the years. This is a special aspect of Troulaki that marries excellent, authentic Greek cuisine with close-knit family ties.
Troullaki (on the road to Cheronissos)  SUNSET

This was best highlighted by the kindness of the owner giving us our dinner free because of our upcoming wedding. When we tried to pay our bill after a huge feast of lambchops, mini-tiropita cheese pies and greek salad, the owner refused to give us our check. She said it was a wedding gift for us. If we chose to get married on Sifnos, we would have definitely chosen her Sunset restaurant for our reception. We are getting married in Sedona Arizona.

When visiting this taverna be sure to sample the homemade MIZITHRA and they fresh organic lamb. Additionally, the following home grown products and traditional dishes are wonderful and must be sampled: fresh vegetables, cheese, olives, chickpea croquettes, string beans with garlic paste, traditional chickpea soup (cooked in an oven with wood), caper-salad, mastelo, cheese-balls, cheese-pies and many more. This taverna can be reached by road on the way to Chronissos and reservations are accepted.  Chris and Tarah.


    Owner: Ioannis Atsonios
    Telephone: +3022840 31970
    Address: Troullaki (on the road to Cheronissos)

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