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Patrick Seale - Collapse of the Middle East Peace Process

Date: Sat, Aug 9, 2008 at 12:30 PM
Subject: Patrick Seale - Collapse of the Middle East Peace Process

As usual, the very experienced Patrick Seale offers his wisdom on the very dim prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace.
His final 3 paragraphs [see the url below] read:   QUOTE   Poor Condi Rice! She has not been given the authority to be firm with Olmert, and he, in turn, has not dared confront Israel's powerful settler lobby, even if he were so inclined.  Would a Barack Obama or a John McCain presidency do any better? Both presidential contenders are certainly cleverer and better informed than George W Bush. Both probably recognize that a peace settlement between Israel and the Palestinians – and indeed between Israel and Syria – is a vital U.S. security interest.  But American policy in the Middle East has, for a generation and more, been so profoundly distorted by the Israeli alliance, and by the influence of Israel's friends in Washington, that it is hard to entertain even a hint of optimism for the future.   END QUOTE
Regards,  John
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