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I am very proud to announce Paula's brand new book ' The Modern Pinup…

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I am very proud to announce Paula's brand new book 'The Modern Pinup - Art by Paula Delley' in which you feature in. It has been months in the making & finally it is finished! I am overly excited about this & I hope everyone gets their hands on a copy.

Click here to get your copy today!

Blurb reads:
"Move over Bunny Yeager because Paula Delley, Australia's leading pinup photographer, is taking over! She and her girls will have your jaw hitting the floor in no time.

Meet Australia's own cheesecake cuties, headline honeys & silver screen starlets in a book that recreates pinup with a modern twist. Also featuring American beauties Miss Mia Vixen & Amber Marie Rose.

This collection of Paula's work taken from 2005 - 2008 features 54 photographs of over 32 models, including some of Australia's own burlesque performers & pinup models: Imogen Kelly, Kelly Ann Doll & Sarah Lea Cheesecake.

Softcover books only $34.95
Hardcover books from $46.95

Please spread the word!