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Dallas International Pop Festival (it was held 2 weeks after Woodstock with

Re: Dallas International Pop Festival (it was held 2 weeks after Woodstock with
same muscians and I was there - now I'm in NA).

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Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2008 16:47:33 +0000
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To: "Dale A."

Hey, Dale. Sorry about the problems with the "I was there" form. I
thought I had that fixed. I recently switched hosts, and have had
problems with the forms ever since.

I'd like to hear the stories you've got. I'm getting ready to start
really putting the nose to the grindstone on the book. I've got to get
all the input and interviews done by Labor Day. There's going to be a
39th anniversary Texas Pop Revisited this Labor Day at the Texas
Musicians Museum, in Hillsboro, TX. It's going to be a small one,
about 2000. Canned Heat, Johnny Winter, Big Brother, The Family Stone,
James Cotton and Shiva's Headband are going to be there as well as
some cover bands doing Santana, Led Zeppelin and Janis stuff. I'll be
there with the bus, and a bunch of the original organizers, artists
and attendees will be there, too. I know that's a long way from
Florida and California, but if you're interested, go to for more info.

Yeah, I'd love to get the observations of someone just back from Nam.
Man, talk about culture shock!

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