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Subject: Condi Rice 'Huge Supporter of Fulbrights' ?? To: Undisclosed-Recipient The Fullbright pro

Subject: Condi Rice 'Huge Supporter of Fulbrights' ??
To: Undisclosed-Recipient

The Fullbright program is in trouble in Gaza because of Israeli refusal to grant Palestinian recipients of Fullbright grants exit permits to leave Gaza for study abroad.  This is not a new development and all manner of organizations who sponsor competitive scholarships have over the years been frustrated and thwarted by Israeli obduracy in granting travel permits to Gazans who successfully qualified for such scholarships.  And from Condoleeza Rice on down the Bush administration has been weak-kneed in stiff-arming Israel on this matter.  The Fullbright program is an official U.S. Goverment activity and in the case of Gaza the Israelis are sabotaging it, with little effective censure from Washington.  It is one mark of how far we have sunk, that we would let the Israelis sabotage a U.S. flagship program.  Is this not apartheid??!! 
QUOTED EXCERPT:    The International Herald Tribune newspaper reported earlier that the State Department had withdrawn the Fulbrights from seven Palestinians because Israel had not granted permission for the students to leave Gaza.  The paper, the global edition of the New York Times, said the restrictions were in keeping with Israel's policy of isolating Gaza, which is run by the militant group Hamas.  Fulbright grants are the U.S. flagship programme in international educational exchange and are used to help promote a better understanding of U.S. values abroad.  But Israeli and Palestinian human rights groups say the withdrawal of the Fulbrights is emblematic of a much wider problem in which hundreds of Palestinian students have been prevented from leaving the Gaza strip to study abroad.  Palestinian groups said some 670 Palestinian students, including the seven who qualified for Fulbright grants, missed deadlines to attend programs at universities abroad because of Israel's refusal to let them leave the Hamas-ruled territory.   END QUOTE
Regards,  John
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