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Dale Writes :
Look at
It was held 2 weeks after Woodstock (1968) and I was there.
When I went to the Dallas International Festival I was a solider just
returning from comabt duty in Vietnam.
I did not understand the war but did my job honorably as a combat
medic in the 1st Infantry Division. I did not understand what had
happened in America while I was in the jungles of southeast Asia.
However, the festival was my welcome home an enlightened me to peace.
A hard struggle, even today, to have been in both worlds. While
stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas a bunch of GI's piled in some cars a
headed north for the festival. I have several stories that I remember
and never told anyone. I felt about the people throughout my life that
if they were not there (Vietnam or the Festival) they would never
understand. I am very happy to find your web site and have a chance to
connect with those who were there and do understand. As Jerry said
"what a long strange trip it's been." Thank God we survived. Dale
Andrews, Florida and California.

Jim writes:

God Bless you, Chris Keeley... what an amazing talent you are as a photographer. If you are half as good an addictions counselor as you are an artist, then your many clients over the years are genuinely blessed people.

With this note, I am asking if I might not purchase from you, a print of your image entitled 'deskscrsp.jpg'.

It's OK if I don't hear back from you for a while... I know you are planning a wedding.

Many thanks!

Jim H

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