Addict (drugaddict) wrote,


Dear Mr Keeley
I am an Indian, living in Calcutta, India. I had gone to visit some
friends in the US in 2002, who lived in Washington DC (Adams Morgan)
and stayed there for three weeks.
One of the things that I wanted to see in America was the ghettos of
the big cities, especially of DC and NYC. Regrettably enough, my hosts
did not allow me to go to any of them. They said not only was it
terribly dangerous, even a drive through any of the infamous "war
zones" was fraught with the very real possibility of harassment in the
hands of the police when one came out. We would be suspected as
customers for drugs and would invite frisking by the police etc. My
friends were white Americans.
On and off I have searched the net to see some photographs of real
life on the streets of Washington DC. However, all one gets to see on
the net are those pretty photographs of nice large buildings (Capitol,
White House etc), in which I have very little interest.
I consider myself lucky that I finally came across your website and
had a look at most of the photographs that you have taken, including
the ones that I was seeking for so long. Thank you very much. I wish
you all the very best in your efforts to detox addicts. And wish them
all speedy recovery.
If you ever choose to come to India, please drop a line.
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