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That does ring a bell. But no, if I ever had such inkling it had drifted off.

I was just reading a hilarious New Yorker piece in drugaddict's Livejournal blog,

He's a Gibson fan too, I note in his profile there. I'd like to invite him here [on general principles], but I believe I already have before.
A little over a year ago, he posted this url,
This site is cited in his profile so it's not just a passing site to him. I was very moved by the page, and the great empathy drugaddict exudes. Large and granite. Moved, I drew and linked his post and posted it. I was 3 days away from homelessness with a plan to hitchhike to New Mexico. drugaddict's perspective and solid empathy, and that whole long page, fed my spirit. Uplifted it. Very much a counterpoint to Gibsonian times... Nothing of mine; poetry, fiction, news accounts and discussions, righteous rants and diatribes -none of these things can replace the effect of such human accounts or act as such counterpoint. There is a better word to use for these times than 'Gibsonian', I am sure. That's too facile, and personal. Prolly imprecise as hell to boot, which I'd see right off with the right word in hand. (My faculty of vocabulary isn't anything like what it once was.)

Zuma April 23, 2008 - 5:09am
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