Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

The Pentagon Brainwashed the American People--NYTimes 4/20/08

The Pentagon Brainwashed the American People--NYTimes 4/20/08

This shocking expose by the New York Times tells us how we got into the Iraq quagmire and why we are still there. It is thoroughly researched and unassailable. It reveals virulent conflicts of interest by retired military officers, who by all rights should now lose their lucrative post-retirement jobs. Our major media, mainly TV news network programs, were entirely complicit, and should be punished. There is plenty of blame to be shared, even among the blinded opposition to the war. It is a very long article, starting on the front page and continuing on three full newspaper pages, but well worth reading in its entirety. I hope the link below will give you easy access. If not, go to the NYTimes website and it's all there. The article is long: 11 pages via the internet. Next up for the Pentagon will be war with Iran. Beware. This expose may held avert that.
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