Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Alex Gross: Mysteries and Manners


Alex Gross: Mysteries and Manners

The Yogi Alex Gross... The Yogi (Collage, Acrylic and Oil on Antique Cabinet Cards, 6 x 4 inches). From the exhibition Alex Gross: Mysteries and Manners at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. "...Drawing from a vast range of artistic influences, Alex has a keen interest in and appreciation of foreign cultures and world history. His paintings often contain references to both vintage Japanese and Chinese advertising imagery, as well as contemporary American advertising. Other important influences include Gothic Flemish painting, early American lithography, and Victorian wedding photography. In Mysteries and Manners, Alex incorporates elements inspired by these diverse sources, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of art history, in exploring such themes as globalization, industrialization, consumerism, alienation, reconciliation, and mortality."
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