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The Temple of Yehwe

The Temple of Yehwe

This type of Medicine is based upon the belief that there exists a normal range of energy within which each person functions well, and this range depends upon the spirit or spirits which give everyone his or her character. Under ordinary circumstances, the standard limits of normalcy in a person are recognizable by the person’s demeanor, his outward behavior and his emotional stability. Within the normal range, one feels good, comfortable and in perfect health. When depletion of energy occurs, one feels lethargic, weak, listless. Incapable of normal activity, one then tends to experience the unpleasant sensation of being "ill-at-ease" and somewhat depressed, discouraged and even rejected. When the level of energy becomes excessive, one tends to become exited, hyperactive and nervous showing signs of hyper-agitation, of non-relaxed happiness, of borderline euphoria, of being in an "excited state". These conditions are those of poor health.  They are capable of degenerating into very serious conditions and even death.

When the person is sick, those situations last significantly longer than what could be called a normal duration, meaning beyond three to five days. Those fuzzy limits are qualitative, indeed, and certainly ill-defined. They seem to vary with the individual. But, they become evident when deterioration of the patient’s quality of health and vitality occurs. When the health degenerates, the sickness evolves to the point where severe impairments of the spiritual, intellectual or physical functionality take place. Suicidal and homicidal tendencies are not excluded from this evolutive picture before the energy of the person totally collapses.
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