Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Film director Jules Dassin passes away at 97

Dear Chris,
     As you know, Julie Dassin was a dear friend of ours.  I always
kept his latest letter in my desk mail.  Though these last two or three
Christmases I have said not to answer - he always wrote by hand.  Here
is his latest note dated 5/l/06 (I think this is European dating - i:e
February l5, l906 (thus 95 years old) in his writing)
                       "Dear Louise dear Bob,
                               Thoughts of you come from time to time - as always warmly welcomed.
                                Thanks for your good wishes -and mine for you as of old.
                                Friendly, friendly
He and Melina had a perfect marriage.  Melina broke many hearts before
she met Julie on preparations for Never on Sunday.  I have several
friends in Athens who lost their husbands or boy friends to her.  But
after they were married they were inseparable until she died of lung
cancer about l0 years or more ago. The last place They  lived in a
nice, but not showy or anything apt near the residence which is now
called Melina Mercouri St.  They also had a place in Epidavros - we
often went to MM St. before and after her death and though invited to E
never got there.   Though he lived abroad for so many years (in exile
as one of the Hollywood Ten)  he never lost his interest in US politics
and I used to send him stuff.
I honestly did not know his age or ever wonder about it.  The last time
we were there he had the same cook and maid that Melina had always had
and she bossed him about his food and eating when we dined there.  Many
other memories - he can never be replaced as the most human, funny,
idealistic.  adorable person.   You could not ever think that the role he
played in Never On Sunday is anything like the suave, urbane person he
was.  He turned himself into an American know-nothing jerk - in both
looks and acting!

Louise S. Keeley
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