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Zimbabwe Opposition Claims Victory Against Mugabe

Siegelman Links Karl Rove to His Prosecution

The former Democratic governor of Alabama Don Siegelman says politics played a leading role in his prosecution. In his first interview since being released from jail, Siegelman said there had been abuse of power in his case and repeatedly cited the influence of Karl Rove, the former White House political director. Siegelman told the New York Times, “His fingerprints are smeared all over the case.” On Friday Siegelman was released on bond while he appeals a conviction on corruption charges. Critics say he is the target of a political witch hunt. More than fifty former state attorney generals have called for a congressional investigation into Siegelman’s case

Zimbabwe Opposition Claims Victory Against Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s main opposition leaders have claimed victory in an election that could unseat President Robert Mugabe who has ruled Zimbabwe for twenty-eight years. Full official elections results have not yet been released. Provisional findings, leaked to The Independent of London last night indicated that the main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change, had taken 191 of 210 parliamentary seats

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