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Pentagon Orders Nuclear Inventory

Pentagon Orders Nuclear Inventory

Back in the United States, the Pentagon has ordered a complete inventory of the nation’s nuclear arsenal in the wake of the recent admission four nuclear parts were mistakenly sent to Taiwan in 2006. It was the second major nuclear blunder for the military in the last six months. Last year, the Air Force unknowingly flew nuclear warheads between North Dakota and Louisiana.

Democratic Congressional Candidates Call for Immediate Iraq Withdrawal

Meanwhile, back in the United States, more than three dozen Democratic congressional candidates have pledged to make an immediate Iraq withdrawal a centerpiece of their upcoming campaigns. The proposal, dubbed a “Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq,” would still keep troops in Iraq to guard the US embassy. But it differs from Democratic leaders and both presidential candidates in refusing to keep tens of thousands of troops in Iraq to train Iraqis or engage in so-called anti-terrorism operations.

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