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Subject: Robert Parry -- Obama's Passportgate Historical Echo To: Undisclosed-Recipient This 3-plu

Subject: Robert Parry -- Obama's Passportgate Historical Echo
To: Undisclosed-Recipient

This 3-plus-page exposure deals when another Bush administration in 1992 sought to use passport probing to blackball the contender for election, Bill Clinton.  It is an intriguing footnote to the recent exposure of illegal passport records' mucking around with Barack Obama. 
QUOTED EXCERPT:    Five presidential elections ago, when another George Bush was in the White House and when Bill Clinton was the Democratic nominee, State Department officials conducted an improper search of Clinton's passport files, an echo of the current case in which Barack Obama's passport files were penetrated three times this year. . . . In 1992, the evidence revealed that representatives of George H.W. Bush, then fighting for a second term, pulled strings at the State Department and at U.S. embassies in Europe to uncover and disseminate derogatory information about Bill Clinton's loyalty and his student trips to the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia.  That assault on Clinton's patriotism moved into high gear on the night of Sept. 30, 1992, when Assistant Secretary of State Elizabeth Tamposi - under pressure from the White House - ordered three aides to pore through Clinton's passport files in search of a purported letter in which Clinton supposedly sought to renounce his citizenship.   Though no letter was found, Tamposi still injected the suspicions into the campaign by citing a small tear in the corner of Clinton's passport application as evidence that someone might have tampered with the file, presumably to remove the supposed letter. She fashioned that speculation into a criminal referral to the FBI.     Within hours, someone from the Bush camp leaked word about the confidential FBI investigation to reporters at Newsweek magazine. The Newsweek story about the tampering investigation hit the newsstands on Oct. 4.   END QUOTE
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