Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

the Merry–Go-Round

Of all Sedona's red rock formations, the Merry Go Round is one of its most memorable.  Located along Schnebly Hill Road, it's easy to see how the Merry–Go-Round got its name.  Apache Limestone forms the round base, while the softer Schnebly Hill sandstone has eroded into whimsical animal shapes.   The impressive views offered by this red rock location make it a desirable wedding location.  Your guests will enjoy superb views of Teapot Rock, Mitten Ridge, Thumb Butte and Moose's Butte while listening to the wind whistle through lush juniper and pine trees.  They'll even enjoy bragging rights after the wedding -- this site was the film location for Angel and the Badman with John Wayne and Johnny Guitar with Joan Crawford and Sterling Hayden.
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