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KO MAUA LA MALE 'ANA ( Our Wedding Day) The wedding wil held at the stunning location of Red Rock C

KO MAUA LA MALE 'ANA ( Our Wedding Day)

The wedding will held at the stunning location of Red Rock Country (Crescent Moon Park) Sedona, Arizona. The ceremony will be conducted by Uqualla Native American Shaman from Havasupai Nation meaning "People-Of-The-Blue-Green-Waters". Uqualla begins the ceremony with invocation to the elements of Mother Earth, Father Sky, and to the East, South, West, and the North winds. A drumming signals celebration. The couple comes forth and the wedding rings are purified through an infusion of sage and prayer. Uqualla blesses the union of husband and wife with an array of ritual gestures. He makes the traditional offering chant and the heart beat of the drum to the four cardinal directions and a final chanting seals the union. We feel that having a Native American wedding ceremony is a unique, powerful, spiritual and moving way to begin our married journey life together. Sedona is also a sacred palace to many Native Americans Nations, which makes Sedona also the perfect place to experience a genuine Native American wedding. Sedona has been a very special place to us. We both have always respected the Native American cultures and their beliefs. With our families and close friends by our side supporting our union together, makes the whole experience even more meaningful.
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