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Bush in December 2002: War “Inevitable”

Bush in December 2002: War “Inevitable”

One of the key architects of the Iraq war has revealed new information on the run-up to the invasion. In a new book defending the war and his own role in planning it, former undersecretary of defense Douglas Feith quotes President Bush as telling National Security Council meeting in December 2002 that “war is inevitable.” The statement came weeks before UN weapons inspectors reported their findings in Iraq and months before Bush delivered his ultimatum that Saddam Hussein leave the country or face invasion. Feith also criticizes former Secretary of State Colin Powell for publicly cultivating an image as a war skeptic without ever expressing any private opposition. The Senate Intelligence Committee is expected release a long-awaited report this week on the Bush administration’s intelligence claims in the run-up to invading Iraq.

Judge Rules Chertoff Broke Law in Pushing Border Wall

And in Texas, a federal judge has ruled Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff violated federal law in his efforts to build a massive wall along the U.S. border with Mexico. The ruling says Chertoff failed to adequately negotiate with homeowners before he filed suit to condemn their land and allow building efforts to begin.

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