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Larry Clark: Los Angeles 2003-2006 Simon Lee Gallery, London (5 February - 14 March) Los Angeles 200

Larry Clark: Los Angeles 2003-2006
Simon Lee Gallery, London (5 February - 14 March)
Los Angeles 2003-2006, a new series of photographs by the often controversial, American filmmaker and photographer, Larry Clark, mirrors his continuing engagement with contemporary youth's mores in popular but marginal urban environments. Successive images taken over a four-year period follow the physical transformation of Jonathan Velasquez, a teenager living in South Central Los Angeles whom Clark encountered by chance, throughout his adolescent years. This boy also inspired Clark to write and direct the film Wassup Rockers. Through his obsessive photographic chronicle of Jonathan's life we can follow the unfolding narrative of a succession of portraits, giving a closer reading to this particular teenager's personal life story, immersed in a specific social milieu currently shared by many urban youth subcultures. As in Clark's stills from his previous series: Tulsa, Teenage Lust, 1992, the Perfect Childhood, and punk Picasso; or in his provocative films - Kids, Bully, Ken Park and Wassup Rockers - this new series continues to probe - with a gaze of equal intensity and unabashed honesty - the subtle or striking changes that boys like Jonathan all go through in their teenage years. Close-ups, full-length frontal views and images of him and his friends, reveal both vulnerability and the growing signs of newfound individuality, vitality and an independent life. These colourful, large-scale pigment prints mark a new departure from the stark, documentary sensibility of Clark's earlier work, allowing a more tender and evocative exploration of his subject. A monograph featuring the en
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