Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Victoria Falls Jacket.

Victoria Falls Jacket.

Victoria Falls Jacket     Unfortunate incident at Victoria Falls Hotel.
     Chap wearing a safari jacket asks for a table in the Livingstone Room and is refused: “Jackets are required, Sir.”
     The fellow protests, but the maitre d’ is firm; that safari jacket is merely a shirt.
     This jacket will prevent such embarrassment.
     It’s born to travel, with lots of big pockets, made of a cotton twill that’s more comfortable than canvas or artificial stuff.
     (How fabric that creates a sauna above 70° F. can be called “breathable” is beyond me.)
     At the same time, it has the look of a true jacket. Substantial and trim, not flimsy and baggy. You could navigate down the Zambezi and then proceed directly to high tea on back viewStanley’s Terrace without raising any eyebrows.
     Victoria Falls Jacket (No. 1636). Four buttoning, flapped pockets outside, three inside. Crisp notched collar with chin strap. Airy mesh half-lining. Pointed yoke, deep inverted pleats, and stitched-down Norfolk-style waist in back.
     Carry on, gentlemen.
     Men’s even sizes: 38 through 48.
     Color: Tobacco.

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