Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Follow up on Arab Ultimatum article in NYTimes

Subject: Follow up on Arab Ultimatum article in NYTimes

I regret to say that my note at the beginning of the piece by Slackman on the Arab League initiative in today's NYTimes was poorly drafted. A correspondent took me to task for repeating what Olmert's spokesman reportedly said, thinking, I guess, that I gave it some credence. He commented that "Olmert is lying every time he opens his mouth." I have been saying for years that neither Israel nor the US has ever responded positively to the Arab League initiative, and it is a plain lie to say that Israel praised it or welcomed it in any way. I suppose the Slackman piece raised the ire of Israel's advocates and they complained to the Times editors, who told Erlanger, their man in Jerusalem, to get a quote from a good Israeli source.  As I noted, Erlanger did not ask his source to tell him where or when Olmert or any other Israeli leader welcomed the Arab League initiative. Bob Keeley
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