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Oh dear Keef, pot meet kettle maaan.” SUNDAY TIMES

Publication:TOI_Mumbai;     Date:Feb 18, 2008;     Section:Times Global;     Page Number:22

Don’t do drugs, dopeheads Stones tell young pop stars

Maurice Chittenden

London: The Rolling Stones, the original bad boys of rock, have warned younger pop idols not to take drugs, because of the health risks.

    “When we were experimenting with drugs, little was known about the effects,” Sir Mick Jagger said at the premiere of a film showing the band in concert. “In our time, there were no rehab centres. Anyway, I did not know about them.”

    Jagger, 64, achieved international notoriety when he was briefly jailed in 1967 for possessing drugs, but he is better known now for his devotion to fitness.

    Keith Richards, the band’s guitarist and a former heroin addict, warned that if Amy Winehouse, the 24-year-old singer famous for songs such as Rehab and Addicted, does not give up drugs she could end up looking as wrinkly and wasted as him.

“She should get her act together,” said Richards, also 64, whose reputation for drug-fuelled antics led many to believe his joke that he had snorted his father’s ashes.

    Jagger had earlier expressed concern about Winehouse’s descent into drug addiction, saying: “I’m worried she might die if she goes down the road that she has taken.”

    Critics suggested the Rolling Stones were sounding like aged grandparents with dubious recall of their true past. Alan Clayson, author of a recent biography of the band,

The Rolling Stones: The Origin of the Species, said: “I am surprised they are having a go at Winehouse, but Mick is right on one point. The Betty Ford clinic didn’t exist in the 1970s. You had to rely on the NHS.”

    Andrew Oldham, the Stones’ manager in the 1960s and an addict until 12 years ago, said in New York yesterday: “The Stones had their fun and people might think this is rich coming from them.”

    One of Winehouse’s fans had posted their own riposte on the singer’s fan web site last night: “Oh dear Keef, pot meet kettle maaan.” SUNDAY TIMES

OLD BOYS CLUB: The band was famous in the ’60s for their devotion to coke
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