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Miller in Man Ray’s “La Révolution Surréaliste,

    January 21, 2008
    In this issue of the magazine, Judith Thurman writes about Lee Miller, the playgirl, model, photographer, muse, and war correspondent whose work is featured in a retrospective, “The Art of Lee Miller,” which opens on January 26th at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. “She had the gift of finding beauty in a wasteland, and her eye tends to petrify what it looks at,” Thurman writes. “Organic forms and living creatures become abstract in her pictures, but movingly so—the way a nymph fleeing an aggressor is transformed into a star.” Here is a portfolio of Miller’s work in front of and behind the camera.

Lee Miller with Rolleiflex,” Egypt, 1935.
Photographer unknown.

“Picnic: Nusch and Paul Éluard, Roland Penrose, Man Ray, and Ady Fidelin,”
Île Sainte-Marguerite, Cannes, France, 1937.

© 2008 Lee Miller Archives, England, All rights reserved

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