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They included the Gambino family’s acting boss, John D’Amico, 73, who is known as Jackie the Nose, a

They included the Gambino family’s acting boss, John D’Amico, 73, who is known as Jackie the Nose, and underboss, Domenico Cefalu, 61, who is known as Greaseball, and the consigliere, Joseph Corozzo, who is known as JoJo, the officials said.

Mr. D’Amico, Mr. Cefalu and Mr. Corozzo were all charged in federal court with racketeering conspiracy and extortion and, if convicted, face up to 20 years in prison on multiple counts.

Mr. Corozzo’s brother, Nicholas, a captain in the family, who was named in both indictments, remained at large, officials said.

The case was made with assistance of an informant, a trucking company executive who had been the victim of extortions and who had paid more than $200,000 to Gambino family figures, according to several officials with knowledge of the case. The executive, Joseph Vollaro, served prison time on a drug conviction several years ago and had shared a cell with Nicholas Corozzo, the officials said, and Mr. Vollaro’s successful trucking companies, Andrews Trucking and Dumpmasters of NY, were extorted by Mr. Corozzo and his brother.

Mr. Vollaro, whose cooperation was won by investigators from a State Organized Crime Task Force, made hundreds of hours of secret tape recordings that officials said will serve as the evidence for much of the case involving the construction extortions, officials said.

“This investigation was extraordinary in that it penetrated the inner workings of the Gambino family and simultaneously reached back in time to hold several members of the Gambino family accountable for their prior crimes,” Mr. Campbell said.

Mr. Campbell was speaking of the seven murders in the case. Prosecutors charged that five were committed by a single Gambino soldier, Charles Carneglia, from 1976 to 1990.

The first was the slaying of Albert Gelb, a court officer who arrested Mr. Carneglia in a Queens diner after noticing that he was carrying a pistol. Mr. Gelb was shot four days before he was to testify against Mr. Carneglia in that case. The last was the killing of an armored car guard, Jose Delgado Rivera, who was shot during a robbery.

In a telephone interview, Joseph Corozzo’s lawyer, his son, Joseph R. Corozzo, asked why federal prosecutors had included all 62 federal defendants in a single indictment, saying it would delay the case for months.

He argued that there was “no proper rationale for putting 62 people on one indictment.”

“It’s merely an attempt to detain people without bail for many, many months, which is contrary to the Constitution of the country.”

The construction extortion aspects of the investigation focused on the trucking industry, which hauls away dirt excavated from construction projects, said Gordon S. Heddell, inspector general of the United States Labor Department. Mr. Heddell said his agents were instrumental in starting the investigation.

“This investigation exposed the alleged grip that the Gambino organized-crime family has had over one of the largest construction markets in the United States, from small private projects to large-scale public works contracts,” he said.

“This involved the trucks that move construction material and debris throughout the entire New York City region: the cement that is poured to build house foundations out on Staten Island, the general contractors who are responsible for building condominiums over in New Jersey and even a proposed Nascar raceway.”

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