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Lunachicks started in New York in 1987. Theo, Gina, Squid, Sindi and Theo's then-boyfriend Mike started rehearsing in Gina's Bedroom for about a year, before playing their first gig in 1988. In early 1989 drummer Becky Wreck (Susan Rebecca Lloyd) joined the Lunachicks. The band released their first full-length release "Babysitters On Acid" (Produced by Wharton Tiers) in 1990 on the English label Blast First. Two years later "Binge & Purge" was released on Safe House Records. In early 1993 Chip English replaced Becky Wreck.

The Lunachicks signed to Go Kart Records, releasing several albums through the label: "Jerk Of All Trades" (1995), "Pretty Ugly" (1997), "Drop Dead Live" (1998) and "Luxury Problem" (1999). The band also appeared in Potluck, a comedy released by the magazine High Times. Theo stars as Jade, the lead singer of a band who gets involved with a bereaved mobster, while the others take much smaller parts as members of her band, The Crazy Chicks. The band are shown rehearsing briefly, and playing at a "reefer rally" in New York, dressed in their customary outfits. Theo is also featured as the main figure on the DVD cover. The soundtrack features the songs 'Nowhere Fast', 'Luxury Problem', 'Less Teeth More Tits' and 'Spoiled Rotten'. They are credited as "The Luna Chicks" (sic).

During the Luxury Problem Tour, Chip English left the band and was replaced by Helen Destroy, who stayed with the band until they decided to take a break in 2000. The Lunachicks played two reunion shows (CBGB's 2002, Washington 2004) with Chip English on drums.

Life after the Lunachicks

Gina is now singer and guitar player for the band Bantam, Theo plays with Theo & the Skyscrapers. Theo has also works as a fashion model and as actress. She had minor roles in movies including Zoolander (tatooed woman in Hansel's Loft) and Tadpole (smoking woman at the bar). Becky was the drummer for the Blare Bitch Project in 2000. Helen Destroy plays drums in


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