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Carla Bruni doesn't mince her words. (Ben Curtis

Carla Bruni doesn't mince her words. (Ben Curtis 

Carla Bruni doesn't mince her words. Carla 

every liaison has been a dangerous one for Bruni. Her name has been connected romantically with at least one former French prime minister, and Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Kevin Costner and Donald Trump. Also with the young philosopher Rapha¿l Enthoven, son of the writer Jean-Paul Enthoven, with whom she has also been linked. The liaison with young Rapha¿l led to Rapha¿l's divorce from Justine L¿vy, daughter of Bernard-Henri L¿vy, a French philosopher so famous he is known just by his initials, B.H.L. Even Laclos could not make this up, though Justine got her revenge with a novel that fictionalized her husband's infidelity, published in this country as "Nothing Serious."
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