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Obama Narrows Clinton Lead Ahead of Super Tuesday Vote

Obama Narrows Clinton Lead Ahead of Super Tuesday Vote

In election news, candidates are in their last full day of campaigning before tomorrow’s Super Tuesday vote. Polls show Senator Barack Obama has narrowed Senator Hillary Clinton”s national lead to just four percent. Obama is trailing Clinton by six points or less in Missouri, New Jersey, and Arizona. And he”s now ahead of Clinton in Georgia. On Sunday Obama addressed a rally of more than twenty-thousand people in Wilmington, Delaware.

Sen. Barack Obama: “If you believe we have to keep the dream alive for those who still hunger for justice and still thirst for opportunity, then I promise you this: we will not just win Delaware, we will not just win on Tuesday, we will not just win this nomination, we will not just win the general election, but you and I together, we will change this country and we will transform the world. Thank you, Delaware. I love you.”

Polls show Clinton and Obama in a dead-heat in delegate-rich California. On Sunday, talk show host Oprah Winfrey and musician Stevie Wonder rallied for Obama in Los Angeles.

Oprah Winfrey: “I would never vote for anyone based on gender or race. I’m voting for Barack Obama not because he’s black, I’m voting for him because he’s brilliant. He is brilliant. He is brilliant.”

Stevie Wonder: “I see a time when we will have a united people of the United States and that is why I support Barack Obama.”

Former President Bill Clinton was also in Los Angeles on Sunday. Clinton visited African-American churches to dampen criticism of his racially-charged comments during the campaign. Hillary Clinton meanwhile was in Missouri where she addressed supporters in St. Louis.

Sen. Hillary Clinton: “You know, we got two big contests coming up, we have the Super Bowl tonight, we have Super Tuesday. I want the New York team to win both. That’s where I am focused.”

On the Republican side, Senator John McCain is enjoying a wide national lead over former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. McCain visited northeastern states on Sunday, including Connecticut.

Sen. John McCain:"I know our best days are ahead of us, I want Americans to serve, I know we can serve, I know this nation’s greatest days are ahead of us and I think I am qualified to lead and I humbly ask for your vote next Tuesday.”

Meanwhile campaigning in Illinois, Romney criticized Barack Obama.

Mitt Romney: “I know that there is a certain senator from this state who says he’d bring change to America and I’m convinced he would change America, just not in the sense you want. You saw the sign the other day, he was speaking with a huge sign behind him that said: change. Just one word: change. And someone remarked to me when they saw the sign: you know, that’s what we’d be left with if he were president, in our pockets. That’s not what America needs. That’s not the course we’re going to follow.”

The Republican contest is seen as a two-person race with Mike Huckabee a distant third and Rudolph Giualini departing last week. Giuliani had the worst dollar for delegate record in U.S. history. The former New York mayor spent more than fifty million dollars on his campaign and received just one single delegate. At that rate Giuliani would have needed to spend $60 billion to win the Republican nomination.

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