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TruthDig: Milton Viorst on Israel’s Tragic Predicament

Milton Viorst, the author of this article, has covered the Israel-Palestine issue for 40 years and has published six books and numerous articles on the subject. He was a member of a Council for the National Interest Foundation team that visited Israel, the West Bank, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon in October-November 2007 to assess the situation on the ground just prior to the Annapolis conference. The books he reviews in this article are again proof--if any is  needed--that the best writing about Israeli is often by Israeli writers, who have the advantage of living there. Mr. Viorst has authorized me to circulate this article, with due credit to the Truthdig website.

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Subject: TruthDig: Milton Viorst on Israel's Tragic Predicament


I read this on Truthdig and thought you would find it interesting.

Milton Viorst on Israel's Tragic Predicament

Can decent Israelis, caught between complacency and conscience, save their beleaguered country from the corruptions of power, religious fanaticism and crippling hubris?

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