Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Bush’s Plan For Compact With Iraq May Be Unconstitutional

Bush’s Plan For Compact With Iraq May Be Unconstitutional

The Boston Globe is reporting President Bush’s plan to forge a long-term agreement with the Iraqi government that could commit the US military to defending Iraq"s security for years to come may be unconstitutional. Legal specialists and lawmakers of both parties said this marks the first time such a sweeping mutual defense compact has been enacted without congressional approval.

U.S. Intel Chiefs Secretly Meet With Pervez Musharraf

The New York Times has revealed the nation"s top two U.S. intelligence officials traveled secretly to Pakistan early this month to press President Pervez Musharraf to allow the Central Intelligence Agency greater latitude to operate in the tribal territories of Pakistan. According to the Times, Musharraf rebuffed the proposals of CIA Director Michael Hayden and Mike McConnell, the director of national intelligence. Instead, Pakistan and the United States are discussing a series of other joint efforts, including increasing the number and scope of missions by armed Predator surveillance aircraft over the tribal areas.

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