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Chris Anthony's dream photo exhibition

Chris Anthony's dream photo exhibition

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Chris Anthony was the Grand Prize winner of the American Photo Images of the Year 2007 contest. Anthony creates his fantastical scenes using papier mache, velvet, doll parts, mannequins, and fabric and captures that dreamspace through vintage lenses from the late 19th century. He has a solo exhibition of new work opening January 26 at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, California. The show, titled "I'm The Most Normal Person I Know," will be on view until February 16. We're pleased to present this preview of two photos that will appear in the show. Click on the photos for larger images. For this new body of work, the curator writes, "Anthony transforms his childhood daydreams and obsessions with Lilliputia into a series of otherworldly narratives and haunting portraits."

Link to Chris Anthony's Web site
Link to Corey Helford Gallery
Link to Images of the Year 2007 Grand Prize Winner article
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