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New York Times Report on Gaza by Isabel Kershner--1/20/08

I am circulating this mainstream press news item for two reasons: (1) the very rare and strongly-worded statements by a UN official, John Dugard, hardly ever included in a NYTimes report on this issue; and (2) the report that the Rafah crossing has been closed since June (with one exception) and that the EU observers have been gone since then as well. Israel only "covered" that crossing with observation cameras, I believe. The crossing is between Egypt and Gaza; Israel is not there territorially. Why Egypt has not allowed this to be a major crossing point for the Palestinians boggles the mind (and spirit). Because weapons and money might be "smuggled" across there? Give me a  break! They need tunnels? I guess so. Thanks very much, Egypt. As Shakespeare wrote (Antony and Cleopatra): "I am dying, Egypt, dying."

January 20, 2008
Israeli Airstrike in Gaza Kills 2 Hamas Members

JERUSALEM — An Israeli airstrike killed two members of the Hamas military wing in the northern Gaza Strip early on Saturday, and three Qassam rockets fired by militants from Gaza landed in and around the Israeli border town of Sderot, causing no casualties.

The Israeli Army said another airstrike was aimed at a vehicle carrying weapons in northern Gaza early on Saturday, but no casualties were reported, and that a small ground force entered Gaza and arrested four armed Hamas militants, taking them to Israel for questioning.

The relative calm followed four days of heightened violence during which 39 Palestinians, including at least six civilians, were killed by Israeli fire, hospital officials in Gaza said.

The Israeli military said its actions were aimed at distancing "terrorist organizations, particularly Hamas," from the border fence, and at reducing rocket fire into Israel. More than 130 rockets were fired at Israel since Tuesday, the army said, with about half landing in Israel.
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