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We are pleased to invite you to a viewing of new works by
Irina Polin
Saturday, January 26, 6-10pm, drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served

Irina Polin, Lisa, 2006, lightjet print on white plexiglass, 26 x 35 in / 66 x 90 cm, editon of 5
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Russian artist Irina Polin, who for the past 10 years has been living and working in Switzerland, masters with a playful confidence the seemingly effortless coexistence of fiction and reality, of present and past. One clearly recognizes a joy of both life and creation, of playing and masquerades. Irina Polin's work is of greater depth than is first apparent. Reality and dream are not shut out...they stand side by side as equals.

When first viewing Polin's portrait photographs one assumes to have an idea of her intentions. But soon enough, that idea becomes deluded. The confusion grows because Polin takes photographs as a first step and then, as the second step, uses them as templates for her paintings, extracting only a portion of the image to recreate with paint. Once the painting is complete, as a third step, she further extends the image by photographing these paintings "after" her own photographs. When all is said and done, Irina then destroys the painted portraits, liberating the final photograph from its origin.

Irina Polin, Untitled 2007, watercolor on balsa wood, 25 x 25 in / 63 x 63 cm                
Now on view, various ink, graphite and watercolor drawings on balsa wood by Polin.
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