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Jimmy Carter Man From Plains

Jimmy Carter Man From Plains

The DVD won't be released until March 25, says Amazon.

I would like to see it again, or give it, now.

I saw the film this afternoon.

Apparently everyone in Greater KC goes to the movies on Sunday afternoon.

 There were 100s of cars at the 30-screen movieplex I attended – filing in to see sci-fi, war, kiddo animations, etc.

The Jimmy Carter movie at 4:40 pm had exactly 6 customers, counting me.

It is extremely well done, starting with  the usual Plains-rootedness of Jimmy and Rosalyn, and mostly quick cuts covering various stops with JCs publisher's rep on the book tour for Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. Charlie Rose tries his smart-grad-student approach and is gently brought to heel by JC. Wolf Blitzer spins in the usual CNN directions and he is also straightened out on-air, as is an interviewer from Israeli television. Tavis Smiley is the best prepared and asks proper devil's-advocate questions without being snotty about it.

It's clear that most interviewers and reviewers had not read the book, or came at it with preconceived views. Alan Dershowitz is snotty, of course. But there's a respectful, then warm reception from Harvard students. Skillful intercutting of news video of, the Wall, of Israeli violence against Palestinian olive trees, buildings, and persons, as well as of a Palestinian suicide bombing aftermath.

 I can understand why AIPAC and other Jewish and Christian evangelical partisans of Israel have been noisy and on occasion vitriolic in opposition – no one likes to be shown up as having been a liar or a fool, and JC has his facts straight, speaks indefatigably and equably. His physical and emotional stamina is amazing.


See it at a theater near you if you possibly can.

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