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Intervention with rheumatoid arthritis


You have mistaken my organization for the Sensational TV show  (

My Website is

Most Families are in denial, are enablers and just as co-addicted as the addict themselves.

Most addicts never get clean. The disease progresses to pain misery and death.

I saw the show you are referring too ( some acting involved) and we dont get the full picture ..because its produced.

I know from my own experience that any addict can get clean, find freedom and live a happy productive life.

Someone who requires pain medication   ...  is like a food addict recovering in Overearters Anonymous

they must stick to a regimine of controlled intake and lots of spirituality.

God Bless
Chris K.

Lori McBride writes:
To Whom It May Concern:
My husband watches your show every week.  Last night (January 7th) on A & E, your show was about a woman suffering from rheumatoid arthritis who her family said she was a drug addict.  This particular episode of "Intervention" both disgusted and enraged me on many different levels.  I was disgusted by the way the family was so ready to make an outcast of the young women because her illness was inconvenient for them.  Did anyone of those self righteous twits ever consider the fact that their daughter/sister pain was so intense that she had to medicate herself to the point that she did? 
 Apparently, not they were to busy worrying about themselves and how they wanted "their sister/daughter" back. and if they don't get her back they want nothing to do with the "addict".  I can only Thank God that my family and friends are more loving and caring then that family is.  I was born with bilateral congental hip displasia, for the first 15 years of my life I had a surgery on one of my hips or both, sometimes more then one surgery.  Thanks to the loving care of my family and the dedication of my orthopedic surgeon I have been able to enjoy the simple act of walking, running, giving birth to my three children.
However, in my late thirties I started to develop degenerative arthritis in my left hip.  The hip that my surgeon had to make a socket to insert my femur into.  The pain from just that one joint was enough for me to wish that I couldn't feel from the waist down even if it meant never being able to walk again.  I had a tens unit and arthritis medicine which I used constantly and the pain still endured. 
 Finally, in September 1999, I had a total hip replacement on the left side.  I am now starting to develop arthritis on my right side it's not to bad right now but on rainy or cold days it feels like I have a shard of glass buried in my hip socket.  So when I saw how that "loving" family treated that young woman it pissed me off.  She wasn't using drugs to get high she was trying to cope with the pain.  Which apparently, didn't really matter to the people in that family, they were just worried about how it affected them.  
If I had been the young woman after my family basically forced me to do what they wanted.  I would have made one demand.  That would have been that everyone except for the young woman suffering from arthritis been taken outside and hit with a 2 by 4 up and down their body for approximately 1 minute.  After the crash case of arthritis they would then have to walk, run, bend down, stand, sit and all without the benefit of painkillers.  Then they might have understood the AGONY that this woman lives with by the minute, hour, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.  Day in and day out with no relief in sight.
Do not tell me they had her best interest at heart, if they had they wouldn't have been so quick to kick her out of the hospital room or boot her out of the bridal party.  When they told her that "Hon, I'm sorry but I'm not gonna change my mind."  That was when they showed how much they trully cared!
Lori McBride
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